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The next aspect of proper conversion of lifetime is traveling and journeys. International tourism and the concept of a world without borders have become important factors in social and economic development. Our journeys, flights, and trips are some of the most fascinating ways to change ourselves, our world view, priorities and values for the better. Journeys also facilitate the development of other countries, allowing millions of people and even whole countries to generate a stream of income. All of this means that traveling in all its forms should be converted into Woney.

We've included the main types of traveling such as flights, train rides, staying in hotels, hostels and private apartments, package tours and cruises. We will probably add bus rides and taking cabs but only if there will be a sustainable economic model that will allow these types of rides to generate real value.

woney travel

Thanks to our partnership with TICKETS you can now get Woney by putting the ticket number on our homepage. Our system will automatically check the ticket through the main GDS providers (Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Sirena) and will award and transfer ERC-20 Woney tokens to your Ethereum address if the ticket validation process is successful. We have also created partnership program with all travel providers, which will enable users to get Woney directly on our partner's site right after buying a ticket or booking a stay.

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