Woney Concept

We turned money upside down

Woney is a system for converting human achievements and values into a unit of account, a medium of exchange and a store of value.

Woney is not the next token meant as a substitute for fiat money and intended to change the World. Woney is a system that issues a unified unit of value for goods, services or any piece of work based on the custom mechanism of converting material and non-material value generated by everybody.

We all have the opportunity to issue a unit of value, Woney, which will function as money and will define and help represent the value of material assets in their monetary equivalent. In the near future, state-owned banks will not issue money in the pursuit of their own interests or motives; the function of issuing money as well as using it should be in our hands as we are the real consumers of value.

This idea may come off as utopian but it may be the only chance to motivate people to develop true values ... get good grades, lead a healthy lifestyle, travel, be successful in sports and creative endeavours as well as in business and personal life. We already identified ten areas of personal growth. Reaching some kind of achievement in any of them will trigger the emission of Woney.

Theoretical background

The Internet is no longer just a tool; it is a space around us, a natural environment that holds information, news, facts, and even some people and emotions.

Technology is no longer a privilege for scientists, engineers, corporations or chosen ones. In the never-ending pursuit of customers, companies make gadgets available virtually to everybody on the planet, gadgets that represent state-of-the-art technology and are viewed as the pinnacle of creation brought to us by scientists and marketing experts.

Money is no longer state regulated. The emergence of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has made possible the issuance of currency units used to pay for goods and services, which have become available to any private party or company that has sufficient knowledge or even intent and the resources needed.

And, of course, the information around us has changed beyond recognition. It’s become unlimited. The Internet and technology have freed us from the primal human need, the need for communication. Nowadays it is virtually impossible to be left alone without getting an endless flow of messages, calls, contacts, news, promo offers, etc. We are constantly bombarded with communication options. Rather, on the contrary, we now have to limit these options and choose the most meaningful communication. Thanks to technology, the need for communication is changing on a physiological level.

This has triggered a fundamental change in our basic needs and functions—we live in an era of informational and physiological revolution, or rather its dawn. In the next 10–20 years the fiat world and its values will become secondary. They will be replaced by the values of the virtual information-based world. Today's criteria for success such as likes, followers, views, page traffic, etc. will be replaced by the material and pragmatic criteria of tomorrow. It's hard to imagine how the non-fiat generation will evaluate goods, trends or even each other, for they will be born into the world of informational limitlessness.

Taking all of that into account, we are happy to announce the launch of our new value-measuring unit called Woney.

The mechanism for converting human values into digital tokens is being developed and tested. Different computational models will be applied to calculating values and standardizing the units of value. We will launch working value exchange models for ERC-20 Woney tokens that will have passed preliminary testing. Also the issuance of digital Woney tokens has to go through economic modeling to be protected by the monetary policy of Woney from such problems as inflation, uncontrolled emission, illiquidity, depreciation, etc. We take into account all possible risks at the initial stage of development and monitor and react to them in a timely manner. Our priority is to ensure health and liquidity of Woney's ecosystem.

At the initial stage, we've identified ten areas of personal growth:


Our categories

Reaching some kind of achievement in any of them will trigger the emission

Later, we will delegate the right to choose triggers and control the principles of remuneration accrual to a collective body such as a council, assembly or foundation. At some point in project development we will make a transition from centralised to collective decisions based on equality and non-prejudice. This will allow us to make the process of emission more responsible and transparent. The decisions must be designed for real people with full recognition of their needs and motives.