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Gaming is an enormous industry and living space for billions of young people and adults all over the world. But in reality gaming often means a massive waste of time at the expense of education, training, sports, creative activities and communication ...

The gaming statistics speak for themselves—there are more than 2.3 billion active gamers in the world this year, of which 46%, or 1.1 billion, spend money on games. (Source: NewZoo)

It's impossible to ignore these figures. Moreover, new VR and AR worlds with special effects promoting deep psychological engagement will take over more of our time and even more people worldwide will become gamers in the following years. We have irrevocably lost the art of spending our time wisely and efficiently and so we have to accept gaming as a fact of life.

Furthermore, the gaming industry doesn't have a unified system of converting the in-game results (points, levels, and other achievements) into а unit of measure. Virtually all games are autonomous and don't interact with the fiduciary world.

woney gaming

All of this has contributed to creating API infrastructure designed to integrate Woney tokens into game apps so that the players' scores can be converted into Woney tokens irregardless of specific concepts, strategies and scenarios the games may actually involve. After completing the verification and initiation process, developers will be able to use Woney tokens as awards in their games. This will be possible for the new games as well as for the ones already in place including some famous games like Fortnite , Minecraft, Dota, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, etc.

We plan on making Woney a single gaming currency that can be used in the fiduciary world.

It's impossible to influence and limit the time people spend in front of their screens, whether it's a TV, a PC or a smartphone. But we can at least partially make up for this time by awarding Woney tokens. Our currency could become the first and, most importantly, the only tool for monetising computer game results and allowing gamers to have a healthy lifestyle.

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